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JASON SMITH, 18.1.2018 2:27:55, IP: ***.***.77.215, #214602
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Body Colt, 19.1.2018 22:39:15, IP: ***.***.29.166, #214745
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Evan, 19.1.2018 22:52:27, IP: ***.***.58.218, #214748
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mark, 22.1.2018 23:05:40, IP: ***.***.45.24, #214843
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tommy jack, 23.1.2018 8:45:09, IP: ***.***.172.12, #214848
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chinuca cohen, 25.1.2018 21:12:34, IP: ***.***.45.231, #214987
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Rebecca Caplice, 29.1.2018 19:12:15, IP: ***.***.29.209, #215144
My name is Rebecca and am so very happy today cause i have been trying to break into my husband phone since last year but i never had the ability to do that so i came in contact with a friend who directed me to a hacker called jeajamhacker @ who i contacted to help me break into my spouse phone in-other for me to get access to his cell then i was given 24 hours it was not even up to 24 hours i got results and saw that this hacker broke into my spouse phone with out him knowing about the hack so i got all my husband text messages, whats-app messages, Facebook, Skype and many more then i found out that my husband was on a dating site talking to some one else i felt bad but thanks to this great hacker for making me see all my husband has been hiding from me.
Amreeta Panday, 30.1.2018 6:03:00, IP: ***.***.172.35, #215152
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Cameron Hurst, 30.1.2018 20:59:38, IP: ***.***.44.179, #215197
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Renzo joe, 31.1.2018 11:46:28, IP: ***.***.45.144, #215221
my boyfriend or soon to be husband, I have a feeling his cheating and have in the past but Ive never actually caught him. If I say anything even about him messing around the response I get back is "If you keep accusing me then Im going to do it". I was already in a 8 year very abusive marriage and I really cant do much more. Especially wen Im told I need to go to the Dr to get help when I know where the problem is i contacted a hacker called jeajamhacker @ gmail. com to hack into his phone behold after all set and done i saw stronger prof that my husband has been a big time cheat and right now i want to take a divorce am so happy i came in contact with this great hacker. now i can defend my self with the prof this hacker has given me.
Andrea, 31.1.2018 14:06:37, IP: ***.***.20.150, #215224
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Roland Kimberly, 31.1.2018 14:09:26, IP: ***.***.20.150, #215225
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Janek, 31.1.2018 23:25:32, IP: ***.***.20.184, #215245
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